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OK.. I've noticed that this community is pretty much dead, but I thought I'd post some new lyrics that I wrote up on here...

"Scrapes And Bruises"
(Verse 1)
C'mon and let me tell you how I feel
and what searching for
underneath all this fear that Im holding inside
Holding on and not letting go,
the fear inside fuels the fire
to keep on wishing, and keep on hoping
that I could have you someday
So now I fall to my knees
and spill my heart out at your feet
Pick me up and give it back
and give me everything I wish I had
(verse 2)
Your looks lead me on this never-ending chase
straight to nowhere, to come to find nothing...
but the desire of wanting you that much more.
The bitterness of lonlieness
has left scrapes upon my heart,
and the regret of fear
has left bruises upon my life

... yea, thats the newest one Ive wrote, its OK I think, but I dont know...
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